Friday, September 16, 2011

Name Radial Designs

I have seen this done on several blogs and HAD to try it for our class! They all turned out so different and interesting.

Here are how to directions from:

  1. Show examples of Radial design in art Rose windows and various mandalas
  2. Demonstrate steps to make symmetrical design - and transferring to rest of circle
  3. Demonstrate colored pencil techniques - blending of colors - varying pressure for different values. And discuss color combining, complimentary colors etc. 
  1. Trace circle template onto 12" square paper (or 12" x18" / 30 x 46 cm). May use compass to make circle (11 to 11 1/2" (30 cm) circle). Neatly cut out circle.  
  2. Fold the circle in half, then in quarters, then in eighths. Crease
  3. Unfold and draw on only one of the "pie slices." 
  4. Unfold and draw on only one of the "pie slices." This is the stage that can be adapted to fit an elementary through high school lesson.  The drawing can be simple or complex. Guide students to at least have the drawing touch the edge of the pie slice a few times. Dragonfly was drawn from life. The science teacher had students collect bugs. Once the projects were graded and students no longer wanted the collection - these were given to the art department. Insects could be a theme - or other items from nature drawn from life - flowers - plants - fish. Go over lines with soft lead pencil
  5. Once the pie drawing is completed, the slice is folded inward and then the back of the paper is rubbed with a smooth hard tool to transfer the drawing to the adjacent pie slice. 
  6. Outline on the adjacent pie shape - this 1/4 of the circle is folded in and transferred to the next quarter. 
  7. Fold over to transfer to the other half of the circle.
  8. Color according to your needs.  Select a color plan.  Students can choose to keep simple or plan intricate detailed color schemes. 

Using the window for a light board. We are resourceful!! 











  1. Those are awesome. I want to come take your class Mrs. Lynam. I can tell you're a good teacher and you've got some very talented students.

    Was this their names? in art? or just random designs? Love em all.

  2. Thank you! Yes...this was their names...if you look hard you can find their names radiating from all sides.