Friday, August 19, 2011

Tie Dye!!

Tie Dye ROCKS~!
Most popular summer art camp project ever. And so easy. Hint... don't go overboard on colors...they just turn muddy. Leave shirts tied over night for best results.
Here is a great link on how to do a fan-fold design and some fun different folding techniques!

And here are all the younger students shirts...they loved them so much they put them right on!! 

Miniature Paintings

I had some unused curtain rod rings so we used them as mini frames and the students created miniature paintings. This might be a fun project to do at home and use your unused curtain rings and spell out your families last name or something. Let me know if you guys do anything with this! I think it's adorable!


Students learned about typography. New vocabulary word. They were encouraged to stretch and play with their names and create something unique and graphically strong.

Painted Pillow Cases

Summer Camp Projects ROCK!!      ~BATIK style pillow cases~
First the students sketched design thumbnails in their sketchbook. Once they finalized their ideas they started by painting their words or designs on the pillow case with CLEAR GLUE. Once it was completely dry (we waited 24 hours) they painted right over the glue. Then we washed out the glue and put them in the washing machine. The water based glue washes out and leaves their designs.
(Hint~ the acrylic paint is permanent but faded slightly in the wash. So suggest going a bit darker to retain the vibrant color)

Portraits in the Newspaper

 The students created original collage portraits using newspaper. They were told to cut, tear, curl, paint, glue in what ever way they wanted to create a portrait (not necessarily a self portrait!) They turned out fantastic. And you wouldn't believe how QUIET it was for 3 hours. They were so into this!