Monday, August 9, 2010

Christ's Haven -Last Day of Summer Art Camp

This is another fun version of circle paintings... 2-3 students gather around and paint around a center circle as it gets bigger and bigger. Then you connect the circles together with dots. The idea came from artist and teacher Hiep Nguyen....

About Circle Paintings

Circle painting is a collaborative art making process that aims to promots social interaction and creative expression. The concept was originally conceived and created by artist/teacher Hiep Nguyen eight years ago when he realized that making art should not be the privilege of the few but it is the birthright for all people. The first circle painting was created when he invited neighborhood children and their family members to paint in his studio. Since then, Hiep has led many circle painting projects for different organizations, schools, and communities around the world. For more about Circle Paintings, please click here.


The little girl who painted this is only 6 years old!
I sketched the drawing on the canvas and she painted in the colors.

Reflecting on the scripture... "The Word of God stands forever."
~This students painted this vibrant flower.

We finished the summer with inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky.
Starting with a 2' X 3' canvas we divided the canvas
evenly into 4"X4" squares and then let each student paint in their
own circle design. When we were done we all had fun picking
out our favorite squares. You never get tired of looking at this! It is awesome!

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