Thursday, September 9, 2010

Animal Eyes

Wow! They did an excellent job noticing the details. 

The paintings turned out better than the photograph samples I pulled for reference pictures.
They really demonstrate 'the ability to see the details'. They totally get it!

This student loves to draw and has never painted before!   Wow!

I love the way they painted without fear today. We started the paintings by picking out the overall color of the piece and painting the whole canvas that color first. Then they were instructed to work from the background to the foreground.

He painted his piece upside down. It's a great exercise. 

The detail in this is amazing. By starting with the solid background color it was easy to see the next 'layer' of color. I am impressed. 

Two more paintings that are not finished but will be amazing when they are! Homework for these two! I love it! One girl requested homework! Ha!  

these 2 will be posted with their finished paintings next week. So be sure to bring them to class!

If you want a close up of a human eye. They are all so different. God is an amazing creator...and He created us to create!

First Day ~ Older Class

The older class came in ready to tackle something difficult. I was going to start with self portraits but changed my mind and decided to do something focusing on 'seeing the details'. Boy did they get this assignment. Notice the intricate detail they put into their paintings. I'm impressed. I'm sure you are too!

First Day - Younger Class

Today we learned about mixing colors.
We made Color Wheels
Primary Colors: Red, Blue and Yellow
Secondary Colors: Orange, Green and Purple

Then we used those colors and made the awesome 
Name paintings. Erik said it looked like 
stained glass paintings.




Angel and Bella made fast friends with Savannah!
Savannah was the only girl today. :( 
Hey, but Angel and Bella are girls too!