Sunday, August 8, 2010

Circle Paintings

Inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky we painted our own circle paintings

for our last project of the summer.

We took a break and had we did not paint Sarah's tongue
and she did not lick a Smurf!
She had an airhead candy that was blue! Haha!

We each painted circles on each others canvas...creating our own special design
and then trading and painting on each others canvas.
The result was beautiful and a great way to remember our time
together this summer. Can you tell whose squares are whose?

When we put all our paintings close together they looked really cool.
This would be a fun project to do for a birthday party or end of
the year project. You can do one large piece that everyone works on
(which I will upload and show you how amazing this looks) or you
can do small pieces so everyone has one to take home.

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