Friday, September 16, 2011

Geometric Art

Geometric Art
Block of pine wood
Colored Rubber Bands

I got this idea from "Fun ideas for Kids" by Mimi Wellisch

Students hammered rows of nails into pine wood...leaving them exposed about 1 inch.
Then students created geometric designs using colored rubber bands. This was a fun hands on project that got them creating some unique geomtric 3 dimentional art peices. What do you think?

First paint a piece of pine wood a bright bold color. 

Next, lightly tack the nail pattern onto the wood. 
(I made a pattern using stars in a word document.) 

Next we went outside and hammered ithe nails into the holes that we put in using our pattern. It is a challenge to hammer...but they got the hang of it and enjoyed the project. We learned all about how dads are so good at hammering and hardly ever accidently hammer their thumbs. :) 

The challenge is to hammer each nail in the same distance. So check your work periodically to make sure they are all even.

Next we gathered bright rubber bands and discussed geometric shape and creating pattern.

 And here's one with a name... 

Break for some show and tell...ouch! Not only creative but...Double jointed and limber! 

He named his piece "The tension" 

This piece actually becomes interactive...because you can take the rubber bands off over and over again and make new designs. What a great idea to have on the coffee table. :) The students came up with several this morning and even figured out how to design their names. 

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