Friday, September 16, 2011

Lines with a Twist~

Poster Paper
Black Paint

Good creative start to the year! The students learned about cool and warm colors on the color wheel and how to create interesting abstract art using those colors. We also learned about line and patterns and how to add interest by adding lines and pattern.

Our class kitty- HOTROD!- He loves Max's art box! :) 

First, draw a giant doole and then draw a line down the middle of the paper. 

Choose one side to paint cool colors and one side to paint warm colors. 
This is also a great first day practice painting because there is no wrong way for it to turn out. 
The patterns and doodles they started with were fun to hold up and 'find' things in...
just like looking up at the clouds and finding shapes. What do you see in the paintings below?

 After the paint is dry we added line and pattern -filling each section with a different pattern. 
Very dynamic pieces!

 Finish with a snuggle from Hotrod!~ Great work guys!

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