Saturday, October 9, 2010

Artist Focus: Franz Marc

Franz Marc was the most popular of all the German Expressionists.
He was a pioneer in the birth of abstract art at the beginning of the twentieth-century. He founded a new program for art based on exuberant color and on profoundly felt emotion portrayed with color. 

Franz Marc was born on February 8, 1880, in Munich, Germany. He studied at the Munich Art Academy and traveled to Paris several times where he saw the work of GauguinVan Gogh, and the Impressionists. Tragically, Marc was killed in World War I at the age of thirty-six, but not before he had created some of the most exciting and touching paintings of the Expressionist movement.

Using vibrant color and copying Franz Marc's originals gave the 
students great exposer to this artist and the Expressionist techniques. 
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